Earbones Productions is my award-winning radio and audio design studio, located in Vancouver, BC, Canada.

In addition to services in audio and radio production and sound design, I offer services in writing, broadcasting, interviewing, storyboarding, creative direction & management, creative consultation, onstage presentation, DJing and musical composition.

Contact me. I’d love to hear from you.

-some earbones history-

The Earbones name refers to Malleus, Incus & Stapes, the three bones of the middle ear.

The name was inspired by my past collaborations with two close friends, geniuses that have been the Incus and Stapes to my Malleus.

Malleus is me, Paolo Pietropaolo, the creative director of Earbones Productions. Incus is audio luminary Chris Brookes, and Stapes is the bright-eyed-inevitable visionary Jowi Taylor.

Our collaborations have won the Prix Italia, Peabody Award, Third Coast International Audio Festival Directors’ Choice Award, and several New York Festivals Gold & Silver Medals. That’s us in Chicago (L-R: Stapes, Malleus, Incus) picking up our Third Coast Award.

Our first series was called The Wire and it was all about the impact of electricity on music in the 20th century. (Just so you know. We chose that title before the TV show of the same name took the world by storm. Had we known…weeeeell then we might have chosen something different.)

Later on we created an audio portrait of Toronto called Invisible Cities: Toronto for CBC Radio’s Ideas. Most recently, we produced a sequel to The Wire – it was called The Nerve and so far it’s the only one of our collaborations that you can listen to online (due to copyright restrictions).